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Ningbo Winsun Metal Products Co.,Ltd. is a company with responsibility for design,producing,distribution and specialized in making key safe boxes,electronic locks, padlock,electric towel rack,Ski rack and various of high quality zinc alloy accessories,e.g. zinc alloy lock accessories,shaver handles,bathroom accessories and other hardware products. We have passed the certification of ISO 9001 and PNC111.After over 10 years of production and development,now we equipped with a series of product equipment(die-casting machine,stamping machine,plastic injection machine) and professional technical teams which lead us to provide better services and products to customers.

The electric towel rack refers to the towel rack that is heated by electricity to dry the towel which is a supporting product of a high-grade bathroom. Due to the closed and humid bathroom environment, towels will be easy to breeding bacteria if hang in the bathroom for a long time, the regular towel drying and disinfection with the electric towel rack become a need. It also helps to remove moisture and odors from the bathroom which is beneficial to human health. It works with a low temperature,  around 50 to 70 degrees which is safe and reliable to ensure that clothes and towels are not damaged during heating and most models consume less than 10 cents per hour, saving electricity economically. The electric towel rack is a high-tech product, which is a supporting product for high-end sanitary products. The product features are: the frame design style is simple, fashionable, energy-saving and compact, which beautifies the bathroom and home environment, enjoys high-quality life and reflects the texture of European-style products. Widely used in families, high-end residences, villas, hotels, guesthouses, cloakrooms, kitchens, medical institutions, and public service places for the elderly (such as hairdressing, saunas, foot baths, sports venues, etc.)   Electric towel racks can dry wet towels, bath towels and clothing, They Will not breed a lot of harmful bacteria due to humidity, such as mold, bacteria, mites, etc.

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