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Small Key Box

Whether you're organising a small house or need a large quantity of keys stored in a safe place, a Small Key Box can help you achieve your storage goals. This unit has a steel construction and colour-coded labels and tags to keep your keys secure. This box also comes with a key cylinder for added security.
The IglooHome lockbox is weather-resistant and IP66 rated. Unlike most key lock boxes, this lockbox has an advanced locking system and requires a considerable amount of physical effort to unlock. It will also alert you if you have not closed the box properly. Regardless of what type of key box you choose, make sure to consider your individual requirements before deciding on a specific product.
Another option is a pushbutton key box. These are simple to use and feature a set of ten small turn-dials. These can be twisted to an up or down position to unlock the lock. There are no combination codes for these boxes; they are merely a convenient way to keep your keys secure.
Key lock boxes are crucial security tools, both at home and when travelling. They prevent unwanted visitors from entering the home and secure your valuables while you are away. They are important pieces of equipment, so choosing the right one is essential. You should consider capacity as well as the type of keys you want to store in it. Also, consider what else you intend to place inside the box.
The Kiddle AccessPoint KeySafe is an excellent key box for home security. Its combination dial is easy to use, despite its high-security features. The combination can be changed at any time, allowing you to keep your keys safe and secure. It is also reprogrammable and has a huge database of 10,000 combinations.

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